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Content Based Marketing

what i can do?

Content based s-e-o

I firmly believe the formula of "Integrated Content based SEO", also have created my digital marketing career based on this mantra which helps me produce efficient ROI's.

content writing

Good at writing content for software's. Have written landing pages, blogs, Ad copies...etc. Content is always the spine of SEO, so I entirely rely upon content for all my SEO and SEM practices.

e-mail marketing

Automated Drip Marketing is the workflow method I follow to drive traffic/sales to the company. Giveaways, festival alerts, product updates are some key areas where you apply email marketing.

Lead driven s-e-m

Using the naive tools of google one can make Lead generation an anutomated task, my strengths lie upon handling various tools related to paid advertising and driving quality leads.

social media

This still is a powerful tool to outreach any content, my core strengths here is on LinkedIn, Instagram etc. Have also done paid Ads on various social media to drive traffic and generate sales.

Digital tools

Have expert knowledge in various sales CRM's and other automated tools, also I have hands on experience in using some automated marketing tools which I am certified of.

Have a quick look about my career

I never knew I had some marketing left in me, these were the days i learnt moral values and human behaviors rather than books.

Started building perfection and consistency in each thing I do, learnt everything in digital marketing and mastered few out of them.

Take a glance on my various works....

My work goals depends on the company’s ROI and the outreach of their product. I have accelerated every possible workflows to utilize the digital platform for diving traffic/sales to the company.

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Software Spread and ME...

I am the author and co-owner of software spread, a digital platform for software outreach. This is an affiliate site model-led and designed in a recursive fund generating pattern. Get a look at the website in the links provided in the footer.